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Mohamed Paleker

Associate Professor


Tel: (021) 650 5611
Fax: (021) 650 5770

  • Course Co-ordinator and Lecturer: Law of Succession and Civil Procedure.
  • Member of the Task Team for the Re-Engineering of Small Claims Courts in South Africa.
  • Advisory Member of the South African Law Reform Commission.​
  • Member of the Rules Board for Courts of Law.
  • Attorney of the High Court of South Africa.
  • Recipient of the HELTASA National Commendation for Teaching in 2013.

Books and Chapters in Books

2013: M Paleker "Civil Procedure: Lower Courts" Volume 5 3rd edition Law of South Africa (2013)

2012: J Jamneck, C Rautenbach, M Paleker, A van der Linde, M Wood-Bodely Law of Succession in South Africa Oxford University Press. (2012)

2010: "Interstate Erfloping" in J Jamneck & C Rautenbach (Red) pp 19-50 Erfreg Oxford University Press.

2010: "Bevoegdheid om te Erf" in J Jamneck & C Rautenbach (Red) pp 111-128 Erfreg Oxford University Press.

2010: "Uitleg van Testamente" in J Jamneck & C Rautenbach (Red) pp 227-248 Erfreg Oxford University Press.

2009: "Intestate Succession" in Law of Succession in South Africa (2009, Oxford Unversity Press).

2009: "Capacity to Inherit" in Law of Succession in South Africa (2009, Oxford University Press).

2009: "Interpretation of Wills" in Law of Succession in South Africa (2009, Oxford University Press).

Research Papers and Refereed Articles

2007. "Succession" Chapter XXV Wille's Principles of South African Law 9th edition 2007: 666-729.

2006 "Mediation in South Africa: Here But Not All There" Chapter XIII in Global Trends in Mediation 2nd edition 2006: 333-370.

2005. "Letters of Demand (intepellatio extraiudicialis): substance and form", Journal for Juridical Science, 30, 68-90.

2004. "Bekker v Naude: The Supreme Court of Appeal settles the meaning of the word 'drafted' in S2 (3) of the Wills Act, but creates a potential constitutional problem" South African Law Journal (part 1) 2004: 27-33.

2003. "Court connected ADR in Civil Litigation: the key to Access to Justice in South Africa" ADR Bulletin July 2003: 48-50.

2003. "The Changing Face of Mediation in South Africa" Global Trends in Mediation 2003 : 301-340.

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2001. "Women's Rights." South African Human Rights Yearbook. 2001: 8: 321-390. (with Amien, W).

University Publications and Publications of a Popular Nature

2004. "Towards a small claims court blueprint" News and Views for Magistrates publication of the URG, UCT, April 2004 : 1.

2001. "Is it necessary to plead marital status in a summons?" News and Views for Magistrates. Publication of the Law, Race and Gender Unit, UCT. November 2001: 2.


Distinguished Teachers Award (2005)

This award is only awarded once and is the highest teaching accolade that the University can award.

Meritorious Award for Teaching (2004)