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Margaret Hewett

Honorary Research Associate


Home: (021) 761-5097

Chief Interest: Legal History from 450BC to the present day (European & South African).
Has translated and annotated major Roman-Dutch old authorities from Latin to English.
Recently completed transcription, translation and annotation of Jacobus Voorda's Dictata ad lus Hodiernum.
Consultant to members of the profession and the bench on legal sources and their translation from Latin.

Recent Awards:

The Dutch Orde van Oranje-Nassau (officier) awarded May 2006 for services to the Dutch state

Work published in honour of Margaret Hewett:

Festschrift Summa Eloquentia, Essays in Honour of Margaret Hewett. UNISA press. 2002.
Ex fontibus hauriant interview with M L Hewett by Bennett, T and Hallebeek J in Pro Memorie, Bÿdragen tot de Rechtsgeschiedenis der Nederlanden (2003).

Recent Publications


Voorda, J. Dictata ad Ius Hodiernum (2 Vols) Lectures on the Contemporary Law 1744-1760, transcription, translation and commentary (Ms. Leeuwarden P.B.E., Hof 33) part VIII of the series Ges. der N W, and no 32 of the works published by the Stigting tot uitgaaf der bronnen van het oudvaderlandse recht (OVR). Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences 2005. (Geschiedenis der Nederlandse Rechtswetenschap VIII).

Hewett, ML. 2002. Larva Legis Aquiliae, The Mask of the Lex Aquila torn off the action for damage done. A legal treatise by Christian Thomasius (1655-1728). Edited and translated from the Latin by Margaret Hewett. With an essay "Christian Thomasius, the Reception of the Roman Law and the History of the Lex Aquilia" by Reinhard Zimmerman. Oxford: Hart Publishing, Oxford, prelims xiv, pages 48 and 48 (total 96). Zimmermann's essay 49-68.

Chapters in Books

Hewett, ML. "Quae Legentem Fefellissent, Transferentem Fugere non Possunt." (Things which escape the reader cannot escape the translator.) In Ex Justa Causa Traditum Essays in Honour of Eric H Pool pp 163-171, 2006.

Hewett, ML. 2002. "Meer menschelijk als beestelijk" The Ius Naturale and the Ius Gentium at the Cape of Good Hope, 1672. 'in Viva Vox Iuris Romani essays in honour of Johannes Emil Spruit. Ed. by L de Ligt et al, JC Gieben, Amsterdam, 2002, 27-37.

Hewett, ML. 2001. "Ex fontibus hauriant. A study of the Historic source material available to South African Courts." In Wijffels, A (ed). History in Court. Historical Expertise and Methods in a Forensic Context. Studia Forensia Historica No 3. Leiden: Ius Deco Publications, 61-109.

Research Papers and Refereed Articles

Hewett, ML. 2003. "Voorda resurgens. An introduction to Jacobus Voorda and his unique lectures on the Ius Hodiernum at the University of Utrecht", in Fundamina Vol 9, 2003, pp 103-113.

Hewett, ML. 2000. 'Old Wine in New Bottles' or the story of translation of 'Old Authorities' produced by South Africans (updated) p92-108 in Pro Memorie Bijdragen tot de rechts-geschiedenis der Nederlanden, Jaargang 2 (2000) I, Oud VaderlandsRecht printed by Uitgeverij Verloren.