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Fatima Osman


Dr Fatima Osman is a senior lecturer in the department and lectures the Law of Succession and African Customary Law. Her research interests include customary law, succession and legal pluralism.




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Chapter in a Book

D Chirwa and F Osman ‘Taming the "Uncivilized" ?: Constitutional and Other Complexities of Banning the Burkini and Other Muslim Dress in Africa’ in Regueiro et al Cultural Anthropology of Clothing: Perspectives on the Burkini (2018, Dykinson).

F Osman and A Barratt ‘Customary marriages’ in A Barratt (ed) Law of Persons and the Family 2ed (2017, Pearson South Africa).


Book notices

F Osman Book review Law of Succession by MJ de Waal and MC Schoeman-Malan (2015) SALJ 2016 133(4) 933.

F Osman Book review Deceased Estates by W Abrie and B de Clercq et al (2015) SALJ 2016 133(4) 931.