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Alistair Price


Alistair Price is an Associate Professor in the Department of Private Law at UCT. He received a BBusSc (distinction) and LLB (magna cum laude) from UCT, a Bachelor of Civil Law (distinction) from University College, Oxford, and a PhD from Gonville and Caius College, Cambridge.  His thesis was entitled The Influence of Human Rights on State Negligence Liability in England and South Africa and, in 2014, he was awarded a prestigious Yorke Prize by the Cambridge Law Faculty for making 'a substantial contribution' to knowledge.  Before his appointment at UCT, he worked as a research clerk for Chief Justice Pius Langa at the Constitutional Court of South Africa and as a research assistant to Professor Reinhard Zimmermann at the Max Planck Institute for Private Law in Hamburg, and taught tort law for several colleges at Cambridge University.

Expertise/ Research Interests

The law of obligations (primarily delict/tort); constitutional and administrative law; comparative law.



I supervise postgraduate research in these areas. Please contact me if you would like to discuss a potential research project for an LLM, MPhil, or PhD degree.



  • Alistair Price & Michael Bishop (eds) A Transformative Justice: Essays in Honour of Pius Langa (Juta, 2015)

Articles, chapters, and notes

  • Alistair Price 'Constitutionalising Rights and Reacting to Risk' in Matthew Dyson (ed) Regulating Risk Through Private Law (Cambridge: Intersentia, 2017) (accepted and forthcoming).
  • Daniel Freund & Alistair Price 'On the legal effects of unlawful administrative action' (2017) 2 South African Law Journal (accepted and forthcoming).
  • Alistair Price 'Search and Seizure without Warrant' (2015) 6 Constitutional Court Review 245-257.
  • Alistair Price & Andrew Hutchison 'Judicial review of exercises of contractual power: South Africa's divergence from the common law tradition' (2015) 79 Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht (forthcoming).
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  • Alistair Price 'Rationality Review of Legislation and Executive Decisions: Poverty Alleviation Network and Albutt', (2010) 127 South African Law Journal 580-591.
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  • Alistair Price 'Spes, Contingent and Vested Rights: Towards the Clear and Consistent Regulation of Future Uncertainty', (2005) Responsa Meridiana 71-98 (student journal).

Reviews and reports

  • Review of 'Private Law and Human Rights: Bringing Rights Home in Scotland and South Africa' edited by Elspeth Reid and Daniel Visser (2014) 25 Stellenbosch Law Review.
  • Review of ‘uBuntu and the Law - African Ideals and Postapartheid Jurisprudence' edited by Drucilla Cornell and Nyoko Muvangua (2013) 72 Cambridge Law Journal 464-466.
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  • Report on Conference on ‘Rights of Personality in Scots Law: A Comparative Perspective'(2008) 1 Zeitschrift für europäisches Privatrecht 205-207.

Selected Conference and Seminar Papers

  • 'Search and Seizure without Warrant' Constitutional Court Review annual conference, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg (2014).
  • 'Evolution of the Rule of Law in South Africa' New York Law School conference celebrating 20 years of Constitutionalism in South Africa, New York, USA (2014).
  • (Co-authored with Andrew Hutchison) 'Judicial Review of Exercises of Contractual Power: South Africa's Divergence from the Common Law Tradition' Obligations VII Conference on Divergence and Convergence in the Common Law, University of Hong Kong (2014).
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