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Amanda Barratt

BA (Hons) PhD UCT

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Amanda Alexander Barratt has a BA degree (with distinction) from the University of Cape Town; a BA (Hons) degree in Economic History from UCT; an LLB degree (with distinction) from the University of South Africa and a PhD in Law from UCT.

After completing her PhD in 2008, Amanda joined the Law Faculty as a full-time lecturer. Amanda coordinates and teaches the LLB course on Persons and the Family; also teaches on the Law Faculty's Academic Development Programme; and on an LLM course on IP and Development.

Amanda's PhD looked at the potential strategic advantages for developing countries of adopting a human rights-based approach when negotiating international intellectual property treaties. Amanda's other interests in intellectual property law include open-access licensing of copyrighted and patented materials; and the law's recognition and protection of cultural ‘authenticity'. At present, Amanda is concentrating her research on cultural, social and legal aspects of ‘love and sex and marriage' in Victorian Cape Town. Amanda also has an interest in legal education and skills development.

Selected recent publications

  • Barratt, Amanda 'Strange bedfellows? The action for adultery and the South African Bill of Rights' (2014) 7 International Journal of Private Law 310-327.
  • Barratt, Amanda (ed), Law of Persons and the Family (Cape Town, Pearson, 2012)
  • Barratt, Amanda ‘The curious absence of human rights: can the WIPO Development Agenda transform intellectual property negotiation?' (2010) 14 Law, Democracy & Development 1-43.
  • Barratt, Amanda ‘Lessons from Bayh-Dole: Reflections on the Intellectual Property Rights from Publicly Financed Research and Development Act (2010) 35 Journal for Juridical Science 30-69.
  • Barratt, Amanda ‘Clarifying protection of spouses married in community of property?' (2011) 22 Stellenbosch Law Review 272-284.

Conference papers