Selected Studies in Roman Law


Final level, first semester, two lectures per week.

Course Co-ordinator: Professor Helen Scott

Entrance requirements: All Preliminary and Intermediate Level courses to have been completed

Course outline: This course affords Final Year LLB students the opportunity to pursue further the study of Roman law begun in Preliminary Year with Comparative Legal History. It centres on the close reading and analysis of selected titles from Justinian's Digest (in translation) in the areas of sale, unjustified enrichment, damage to property and injury to personality, with the assistance of selected literature (in English). The principal aim of the course is to provide students with the opportunity to deepen and refine their knowledge of the Roman law as it was in the high classical period. However, there is also a comparative goal: knowledge of what was achieved by the classical jurists affords insight into modern legal systems, particularly those which have their roots in Roman law. Finally, the course seeks to promote a deeper understanding of key doctrinal issues in modern South African private law, building on the Contract and Delict courses completed in Intermediate Year and complementing the optional final-year course Unjustified Enrichment.

*Please note that a knowledge of Latin is not required.*