Law of Property


Preliminary level, half course, whole year, two lectures per week, tutorials.

Course Co-ordinator: Prof Hanri Mostert and Associate Prof Anne Pope

Entrance requirements:
Undergraduate LLB students: concurrent registration with PBL2000W and RDL2003H
Graduate LLB students: concurrent registration with RDL1003W, RDL1004H, RDL1008H, PBL2000W and RDL2003H

Course outline:

The purpose of this course is to introduce students to fundamental concepts and common law principles of the South African Law of Property as regards what is property, how rights in property are acquired or lost and are protected. The law is examined in its current constitutional and socio-political context. In addition to the focus on the content of this area of law, considerable attention is given to development of appropriate analytical and problem-solving skills, independent and active learning as well as appropriate study methodology and techniques.