Visitors to the UCT Intellectual Property Law Research Unit

16 Oct 2008 - 16:21

The Unit has invited a number of visitors to spend time working with us during the coming 2 years. Amongst those who have accepted the invitation and with whom we are working on finalising dates are:

  • Peter Drahos, Professor in Law and Director of the Centre for Governance of Knowledge and Development (CGKD) at the Australian National University and Professor in Intellectual Property at Queen Mary College, University of London.
  • Richard Jefferson, CEO of CAMBIA, independent, international non-profit institute. Richard has worked and taught extensively in the developing world, supporting the Rockefeller Foundation's biotechnology network for over ten years, and has worked as senior staff for the FAO, and consultant for other UN Agencies. He has been profiled in media including The Economist, Newsweek, Nature Biotechnology and Red Herring. CAMBIA's work has recently featured in cover editorials in most major life sciences journals
  • Marty Adelman, Theodore and James Pedas Family Professor of Intellectual Property and Technology Law, George Washington University, Washington DC; He is Co-Director of the Intellectual Property Law Program and Co-Director of the Dean Dinwoodey Center for Intellectual Property Studies.
  • Sir Hugh Laddie is a former British High Court Judge. He is a specialist in intellectual property law. He became a High Court judge in April 1995 and joined the Chancery Division, mainly hearing cases in the Patents Court. He resigned from his post as a judge in 2005 "because he found it boring" and felt isolated on the bench. He is thought to be the first High Court judge to resign voluntarily in 35 years. He is a Professor in Intellectual Property Law at University College London.
  • Richard Gold, Director of the Centre for Intellectual Property Policy at McGill University's Faculty of Law. His research centres on the nexus between technology, commerce, and ethics, particularly with respect to biotechnology in the international context. He is the Principal Investigator of the Intellectual Property Modelling Group, a transdisciplinary research team investigating intellectual property regimes supported by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research.
  • Bo Heiden, deputy director of the CIP (a joint venture between Chalmers University and Göteborg University in Sweden) His interests involve strategic program development specifically focused on the building of collaborative innovation platforms to facilitate the real creation and development of knowledge-based business. Bo has played professional basketball in a number of European countries.