Professor Julian Kinderlerer elected as President of EGE

30 Mar 2011 - 13:21

On March 16, the European Group on Ethics in Science and New Technologies (EGE) elected Prof. Julian Kinderlerer (Prof. of Intellectual Property Law, University of Cape Town and Professor of Biotechnology and Society, University of Technology, Delft, NL.) as the President of the Group. Prof. Linda Nielsen (Professor, of Global Law and Governance, doctor jurist, at the University of Copenhagen) has been elected as Vice-President of the Group.

The EGE is an independent, pluralist and multidisciplinary body advising the European Commission on ethics in science and new technologies in connection with Community legislation or policies. The EGE members serve in a personal capacity and are asked to offer independent advice to the Commission. They have been appointed on the basis of their expertise and a geographical distribution that reflects the diversity in the European Union.

This is a major achievement for Prof Kinderlerer who is a member of the Law Faculty as he is positioned to influence Opinions and debates around legal issues developing in various fields of technology research and development. Prof Kinderlerer heads the intellectual Property Law and Policy Research Unit (UCT) which takes an Afropolitan continental view on promoting policy development in intellectual property law for innovation.

We are delighted to count one of our Faculty staff as having such an influential role on the EGE to preside over advice provided to the European Commission on questions of ethics and new technologies which will affect EU funding programmes and legal research for the next five years.