Private Law welcomes all our 2019 students!

25 Jan 2019 - 16:00

The Faculty of Law is gearing up to welcome all our students for 2019.  This includes first-time undergraduate LLBs, graduate LLB students who have already completed an undergraduate degree, our PGDip students, our LLMs and MPhil students, and our PhD students - those starting on their degree programmes and all who are already some way in to their programme.  We wish you all a great 2019!  We are looking forward to a productive year of hard work, great classes, excellent research, and a bit of Faculty fun. 

The Head of the Private Law Department if Prof Mohamed Paleker, while the Deputy Dean for Undergraduate Studies is Dr Kathy Idensohn.  In addition, Nikki Campbell and Sameya Esterhuizen are your go-to contacts for course administration and matters in Private Law, while the Faculty Office will assist with more faculty-level administrative queries.