International seminar on "iniuria and the common law"

10 Oct 2011 - 16:45

The seminar brought together 20 scholars from England, Scotland and South Africa, including Professor Anton Fagan of this Department and Professor Jonathan Burchell of the Department of Public Law, to consider the doctrinal relevance of the ancient Roman delict of iniuria (injuries to personality) for the modern law of civil wrongs, both in the English common law and in mixed legal systems. The seminar was hosted by the Regius Professor of Civil Law in the University of Oxford, Professor Boudewijn Sirks, and organised under the aegis of the Institute of European and Comparative Law. It was jointly funded by the Modern Law Review and the University of Cape Town. The papers presented will be published in late 2012 as E. Descheemaeker and H. Scott (eds), Iniuria and the Common Law (Oxford: Hart Publishing).