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Leo Boonzaier


Leo Boonzaier is a Lecturer in the Department of Private Law at the University of Cape Town. He studied social science and law at UCT and then did his graduate work at Oxford. In 2012 he was a research assistant to Prof Reinhard Zimmermann at the Max Planck Institute for Private Law in Hamburg and in 2013–14 he clerked for Justice Edwin Cameron at the Constitutional Court of South Africa. He has taught tort, contract, land, and jurisprudence for various Oxford colleges as well as at University College London.

Expertise/ Research Interests

The law of obligations, especially delict/tort; private law theory; general jurisprudence.


Law of Delict (LLB); Jurisprudence (LLB); Law of Property (LLB).


  • ‘Contractual fairness at the crossroads’ (2021) 11 Constitutional Court Review (forthcoming) (preprint available here).
  • ‘Privacy overlooked?’ (2021) 37 Professional Negligence 95–101.
  • 'Venturing beyond formalism: The Constitutional Court of South Africa’s equality jurisprudence' (with Edwin Cameron) (2020) 84 Rabels Zeitschrift für ausländisches und internationales Privatrecht 786–840.
  • 'Rereading Botha v Rich' (2020) 137 South African Law Journal 1–12.
  • 'A decision to undo' (2018) 135 South African Law Journal 642–677.
  • 'Good reviews, bad actors: The Constitutional Court's procedural drama' (2015) 7 Constitutional Court Review 1–26 (open access link).
  • 'The Constitutional Court in Harms' way' (with Michael Mbikiwa) (2015) 132 South African Law Journal 769–779.
  • 'State liability in South Africa: A more direct approach' (2013) 130 South African Law Journal 330–368.