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Khomotso Moshikaro


Khomotso Moshikaro completed his LLB at the University of Pretoria in 2012. He then pursued a Bachelor of Civil Laws (2014) and an MSc in Contemporary Chinese Studies (2015) at Oxford Universty. Khomotso worked as a law clerk in the Constitutional Court of South Africa and as a researcher at the South African International and Advanced Constitutional Law Institute (SAIFAC).

Khomotso is a lecturer in the Private Law Department at UCT's Law Faculty (currently on study leave).

Expertise/ Research Interests

Khomotso's areas of interest are legal theory, constitutional law, criminal law, property law, unjustified enrichment and civil procedural theory.


He teaches jurisprudence, property law and selected topics in criminal law and statutory interpretation; and has convened and taught on Foundations of South African Law, Constitutional Law and Social Justice and the Constitution.


  • K. Moshikaro “Against the Interests of Justice: Ignoring the Role for Distributive Justice when Regulating Court Process” (2015) 7 Constitutional Court Review 291.
  • K. Moshikaro “The Moral and Legal Foundations of Fair-labelling in our Criminal Law” (2018) South African Law Journal 2– forthcoming

Annual Digests

  • ‘Constitutional Law’ Annual Survey of South African Law [2016] with Bishop, Brickhill and Finn (forthcoming).

Conferences & Presented Papers

  • K. Moshikaro “A Normative Defence of the Doctrine of Common Purpose and Joint Enterprise” presented at the “Crossing Boundaries? Public Duties and Private Law” Workshop Leicester Law School, 21 October 2016.
  • K. Moshikaro “A Possible Defamation Claim for Violations of Fair-Labelling” presented at “Crossing Boundaries? Public Duties and Private Law”  Advanced Winter School for Postgraduate Students and Early-Career Legal Academics and Researchers, 20-21 July 2017
  • K. Moshikaro “Ibn-Rushd and the Moral Good of Friendship in Marriage” presented at International Conference  on the Reconstruction of Culture Concept Just Law for Social Welfare, University of Trisakti, Jakarta, 23 August 2017